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The Hunting of the Snark  
Book by R. Eugene Jackson with music by David Ellis

is based on a nonsense poem written by Lewis Carrol. Originally, the poem's setting was a ship at sea. In
this version, playwright R. Eugene Jackson, has updated the poem and sets the play in the future, as the
Captain, his first mate the Beaver and three passengers ( a Butcher, a Lawyer, and a Banker) all travel to
the deepest corners of space to find the elusive Snark. The problem is that no one has ever seen a Snark
and these space travelers have heard many different stories of what a Snark looks like and how they
behave. Along the way they meet many real space creatures that they believe to be the Snark, but they
are in reality the Jub-Jub, The Bandersnatch and the dreaded Boojam. Do they find the Snark? Will they
make it back to Earth? And just how dreaded is the dreaded Boojam? All of these questions, and more,
will be answered in this delightful musical. (Suitable for grades K-6, as well as a family outing.)

The Hunting of the Snark, with it clever play on words and catchy songs, teaches the important lessons
that a person should not believe everything they hear and they shouldn't search for things that don't exist.

The Adventures of Pinocchio
Book by R. Eugene Jackson with music by David Ellis

This enchanting musical dramatization of the Carlo Collodi's immortal fairy tale begins with
the woodcarver Gepetto about to slice a sliver off the puppet. When he hears a cry, he
can't imagine  where it is coming from. With the help of the Blue Fairy, the puppet comes
to life. His adventures are exciting. Gepetto sends him to school, but Pinocchio runs of
with a group of little boys who get into trouble and turn into donkeys. He is kidnapped by
an evil puppeteer, he is swallowed by a whale, and, of course, every time he tells a lie his
nose grows- and grows - and grows. But, more than anything, Pinocchio wishes, that one
day, he will be a real boy! Suitable for grade K - 5.