The Wonderful Adventures of Brer Rabbit

The Wonderful Adventures of Brer Rabbit is a delightful musical production about a wily rabbit who, with the help of his
friend Brer Terrapin, uses his wits rather than his fists to outsmart Brer Fox, Brer Wolf and Brer Bear.

Suitable for grades K-6, as well as the whole family,  the production features four of Joel Chandler Harris' best loved
stories - "Wahoo," "The Yalligator," "The Moon in the Mill Pond," and of course, "The Wonderful Tar Baby."  The show
teaches the important lesson that just because one is small or slow, it doesn't  make them helpless. It is the quality of the
mind that counts most and the quality of the heart. If a person has friends and some common sense, they may have some
bad days but they will bounce back and come out on top.

The production, while entertaining, also teaches another valuable life lesson. Our study guide features the concept of
asset-based thinking. Brer Rabbit utilizes this concept when thinking of ways to get out of the predicaments he finds
himself in. This show constantly reinforces that if one uses ones wits to outfox their adversaries they can get out of harms
way without using violence.

This is a more politically correct  version than earlier incarnations and is a delight.

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The Wonderful Adventures of Brer Rabbit
A new musical by Peter Holland & Don Elliott
  "A wonderfully appealing children’s show with a great message.”
                                                                                               - Charity Apple - The Times News