When Tammy Wynette was in love, in pain (or as was often the case) both at once, she sang about it. The
First Lady of Country Music recorded, performed and sometimes wrote many of her greatest hits, from I
Don’t Want to Play House Anymore and D-I-V-O-R-C-E to Golden Rings and Til I Can Make It on My Own,
in response to events in her often-stormy personal history.
The Tammy Wynette Story
The Fort Worth Star-Telegraph said, “Humor perfectly peppers the tragedy and triumph. But ultimately the
show’s heart and honesty are what bring it to life.”….”Miraculously, it squeezes a host of songs into the
story without cluttering the proceedings”….”Finally a musical biography to stand by.”
Unlike the tremendously successful Patsy Cline musicals which in several different incarnations, were
mostly just a sampling of her concerts
Stand By Your Man truly is the Tammy Wynette Story. This musical
chronicles the life of this country star.The show deals with most of Wynette’s most difficult episodes,
including her difficult relationship with her mother, her divorces, her addiction to prescription drugs, her
illnesses, her very public feud with Hillary Rodham Clinton, and  her famous kidnapping incident.

There are 28 of Tammy's hits  in the show. It is ironic, however that the title  song was Wynette's biggest hit
because she had five husbands. But Tammy was a woman who loved being in love. She was extremely
strong, but there was a part of her that always looked to be taken care of. That probably led her to make
some hard decisions, especially early in life. The one place she was truly happy was on the stage.

It's the Tammy Wynette legend and all of her hits  that fills the theatre every night for
Stand By Your Man,
but it's the story that unfolds that has the people leaving knowing they've seen  a thoroughly moving, as well
as entertaining evening of musical theatre.
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